Rocks Fall Everyone Dies


Dornan interacted with Lorren - Lorren had found cavern, had been "interpreting" the moving stones in the caverns to fool the "great Good Council of Red Larch" into following his lead

- Harburk the sherif has believed us and the cult-folk are being put on trial and hung

- Trade bars from Mirabar, the sherif lets us know that a trade delegation had been passed through and that he wants to pass them along to the trade delegation as they must be stolen. we return them to him. the deputy sent out after them returns to let us know that the delegation never made it to their destination of Summit Hall. Sheriff asked us to take a look into it.
— Vallivoe, Haeleeya, Tommy have all interacted with the trade delegation 

Tommy! Good beer, good food. Works "with" the Zhentarim, who have an interest in building "good will" in the community. Tells us they will reward us for info.

Haeleeya is part of the Emerald Enclave (damned granola eaters). Had a delegate, a moon elf with magic seeds for Golden Fields, that traveled along with caravan. Is interested in their return.

Vallivoe likes to harp. Shield dwarf historian transporting a collection of manuscripts "bruce the dwarf", they want him and books. Purchased one of the books from a shady boat captain from Womford, so thinks the books are in the wild and the dwarf may be deadbruce.

Delegation last seen in Belliarad. Book found in Womford. 

Tavern rumors: shepard asking around about missing people, shady merchants from womford, trouble on the roads between red larch and womford, strange weather, strange symbols
-symbol: Fire cult, 100s of years since they've been seen… bad mammajamma. merchant came through with booze marked with this symbol, heading towards a gathering of druids, scarlet moon hall (no idea)

-shepard: 4 graves found in his sheep fields, going up in the morning Larmon Greenboot 
jumble of tracks, broken arrows, javelin, cloak, miles to the west in red larch, to the north is a tower with large birds circling, (or nearby displacer birds), "knights in feather spire" nobles from waterdeep, exhume body died 2 days ago killed by big rocks, grey robe dude with air cult symbol tattoo

2nd body dude in armor which disintegrates into stones when we touch it earth cult symbol on body

3rd body female human with mirabar symbol
4th body dwarf in artisans robes with mirabar symbol

We head to the tower and discover the birds aren't griffons but giant vultures… big marble tower in a sea of fog… and a bell… 


meximurph instantapathy

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