Rocks Fall Everyone Dies

Matt's Notes for 6/7/2017

We start at the Helm at Highsun tavern (and crumble cake wholesaler) , where we wait for Constable Harburk.  After a self serving hour of selling us his over prices food stuffs, we are informed by one of the servers that the constable is in another castle… I mean, the butcher's shop (and part time jail). 

Jalessa the butcher informs us that the constable is in the basement taking care of some troublemakers. This is totally not suspicious, and we defenseless and innocent murder hobos descend into the cellar to meet our fate, I mean the constable.  

After observing the object lesson that happens to troublemakers (the meat hooks are not just for cows) we are informed that the constable wants us to investigate and take care of the bandits that are fucking with caravans on the south road.  He gives us some possible camp locations. He also gives us some leads on other side quests we can use for loot and XP.

Mhandyvver's Chicken Emporium
-Think Howl's non-moving chicken shack
-The granddaughter is 10ish, she says the ghost was transparent and told her to go away, but didn't seem mean (Okay, maybe this was a real ghost, and not just a Scooby one). We get a map to the general location of where the ghost-tomb siting was

Vallivoe's Sundries
-Think, Sandford and Son's only with Newsie's era christian bale and friends darting amongst the goods.
- SOLD (not given) a map and details to a locaiton where locals saw "skull pinned to a
tree with a black arrow". Strange omens.

Dornen Finestone
-House painted with stonedust.
- A tall rude man who doesn't want to talk to us. Our friendly neighborhood warlock intimidates him and he tells us of the treasure cave in order to get us to leave.  

Missed connections: All the fine pastries at the bakery… alas, the previous interrogations didn't allow us time to investigate these before we set off into the wilderness in search of bandit camps… If only the damn tavern keeper hadn't kept us for an hour filling me up with crumble bread surely I would have been able to taste the fine delicacies that this town could offer.

We should probably revisit places in town to follow up on our leads about the treasure cave and the ghost and the skull omens to see if we can get further/different information. However, being ambitious murder hobos we decide to go off to kill some bandits. 

Instead of bandits we discover WOLVES! OMGWOLVESWTFBBQ?!?!?!!?!? Wolves were killed. Warlocks were scared. Trees were assaulted. Good times were had. 
We rest.


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