Rocks Fall Everyone Dies

Matt's Notes for 8/16/2017

Let the music play, down at needle rock

After a good nights rest we head to Castlerock… no… Casterlyrock… no… Needle Rock. Easy enough to find, head towards the huge rock plinth sticking out of the ground. As we get close we come upon a sign "Blah blah plague come no closer blah blah, signed lord of needle rock". Also there is a halfling. 

"Are you lord of Needle Rock?"  "… Maybe." And thus great friendships were made.

All that talking done with we head down into the brushy ravines and eventually find a cave entrance, in which lies a body… investigation shows no obvious signs of plague, just a zombie in leather pants… this zombie is handily dispatched by our new best friend Poppy. 

Pressing farther in to the cave we trigger a zombie trap… rocks fall, no one dies except the zombies.  The center of this room seems to contain a large stone covered with the evidence of sacrifices made, and then passages off to the north and south.  Resident undead detector senses undead in both directions so we go north.

North we find a room in which many bodies are lined up against the walls, Aerimis flame boops one of them, causing a nice domino effect which exposes the 3 animated skeletons for us to dispatch. Searching this room proves to be fruitless and we head towards the south.

To the south we come upon a… site… 3 zombies, dressed in a bear, jester and ladies outfit seem to be enacting some sort of play… and even though their acting seems fresher then they do we put these creatures to their ends.

After this we take a brief rest before continuing our foray into this distinctly non-plauge ridden, but very undead infested cave.



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