Rocks Fall Everyone Dies

Matt's Notes for 8/30/2017

After our rest and relaxation Poppy heads down the curvy passage to scout ahead. She discovers a huge room, it's ceiling lost in shadow, lit by torches. Inside the room 3 stone biers stand with a wide array of body parts, a cloak humanoid figure works at one of the tables with some sort of bone needle. In the rear of the cave a handful of animate skeletons shuffle about and a quick blur of movement indicates something lurks in the shadows up the stairs.

After a brief discussion we decide to let Poppy sneak back in and then launch our frontal assault on the back of the cloaked figure. This goes as well as any of our plans.

Poppy steps on a crawling claw hand thing, which causes her to scream, which causes us to enter the room, which causes more crawling claws to fall from the ceiling, which causes more screaming, and some running, and zombies, and skeletons with flaming crossbow bolts, and pin cushion bears, and mauling paladins… and then everyone’s favorite part where we win and loot.

Looking around the room we fine the stairs that lead up to a peephole, looking down into a treasure room which we decide to investigate and not to trigger the clever rock fall puzzle lever. The treasure was not inside us, nor was it in the chests. Unless there is suddenly great demand for skeletal hands wired in such a way as to be flipping the bird. 

Afterwards we continue searching around, and head down a passage leading from the large room. We come to a smaller side room, decorated with thick tapestries and furnishings, and a very tasteful crystal orb holder that is crafted from 7 severed arms. Also a strange floating purple eye thing is above the orb.

And also a crazy necromancer, yelling about seeing the eye… blah blah, of course we see the eye it’s right there in the middle of the room, we aren’t blind. Crazy people. But we kill him and take all his stuff and thus the lord of lance rock is dead. And not plagued as far as we can tell. Unless crazy is a plague.  Hmm.


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